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Created and Launched Winter 2015



Email our Teaching and Education team at to receive a link to create an account.

See "Archived Emails" on left sidebar to review initial welcome and set-up information sent via email on January 3.


Purpose of our wiki:

1) Create a structured roadmap that teams may follow based on best practices in the I&E field,

2) Educate members – often full-time students – with resources regarding roadmap checkpoints,

3) Provide mentors with a structured way of evaluating and providing feedback to teams, and through this,

4) Aid in teams’ success, as Sling Health has invested resources and time into each team. 



Organization of the Wiki

The wiki is organized into spaces. These spaces are detailed below. The space are isolated in terms of permissions and access, but provide links to communicate with each other to allow for easy maneuverability. Each space has pages (found on the left sidebar) that can have sub-pages created underneath. 



Still Need Help?

Contact the webmaster at





A homepage for our teams and an interactive space for these teams to develop progressive business plans.


A database of how-to articles and other miscellaneous information covering the ins and outs of entrepreneurship to help our teams follow our Roadmap to successful companies.


M4 Course





Homepage for the Sling Health 4th year medical student course



An interactive roadmap providing worksheets that once completed will achieve deliverables unique to each of our Design Reviews. 


 A database of articles and other miscellaneous information detailing how our teams can function day-to-day in the Sling Health Labs program.



Leadership-specific material 

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